Thursday, February 20

Ebay versus your own online shop, how do they compare?

Most of us at some time or another have sold an item on eBay. You may even be an eBay bunny like my sister selling everything that isn't nailed down every time she needs to raise funds for a new project but have you ever fancied starting an eBay business or wondered how ebay might compare to an online shop you create yourself?

Ebay is a really good way to launch your online selling. Many bloggers create online stores to sell their wares, in my field I come across lots of 'kitchen table' businesses trying to attract buyers to their online stores, it is definitely no mean feat though. Personal online stores do offer some bonuses, they are usually so much less expensive to run than eBay with all its fees but in the beginning it is difficult to get many if any sales on these sites, unless of course you count those purchases from your mum or your nan - yes my mum was always making 'sympathy purchase' to show her support when I opened my first online store. Ebay is for many a good starting point and it can be used to lead traffic to your online store.

My own journey with ebay began at the start of 2010. I had a few spare bits of craft felt surplus to my crafting requirement, to be honest I had tons as a stash-aholic! I already had an account with 1200 feedback  (100% positive) from selling odds and sods of clothes etc. but decided to open a new account for my craft overstash in order to keep tally on what I was making selling my stash. I began with the usual auction style of selling and within weeks had over 100 sales / feedbacks under my belt. It was at this stage that I decided to change my account over to a business account and I began buying felt and craft tools wholesale in order to have stock to sell. Fast forward to 2014 when The Felt Fairy had notched up over 100,000 sales (individual listings) - yes one hundred thousand! and 17,000 feedback! 

I also ran along side the ebay business with over 1000 sales, yes I had no ebay fees but the sales just do not compare, particularly in the beginning! Some of my .com sales came through flyers I popped into the ebay parcels and many came through my blogging but it is just so hard to attract buyers to your store and ebay is just so damn easy!

Hand on heart I think that ebay wins every time. You have a ready made market place and if you list your stock well buyers will flock to your ebay shop. And with careful marketing you can use ebay to lead repeat customers to your online shop.

I sold the Felt Fairy business names and reassigned the ebay business last month to a lovely couple of would be fairies. I just did not have the time or energy to devote to it and the fairy did need to be loved, they new fairies are doing a fabulous job.

In my next post I will discuss ebay further.

Saturday, February 1

The Felt Fairy Has Changed Her Pants....

Well not really my pants but definitely my direction albeit very slightly! I am going to concentrate more on vintage & handmade  posts.

I am also planning a number of posts dedicated to the glory of online selling, ebay, etsy etc

I have been doing some consultancy work helping small business set up their Facebook pages so will be posting about this too!

Speak soon xx

Thursday, January 30

Good is not always easy........

I have always been pretty good-ish at a few things and quite happily plodded along within my comfort zone doing what I do relatively well. I went to college and University pretty late in life, well in my 30's, and pretty much sailed through every bit of academic work it threw my way including my dissertations for my degree and master, if I am honest is was a breeze. When things come easily I don't think you ever questioned them and instead thoroughly enjoyed the process  of doing well without pressure and assume that others do the same because "hey I am not even as good as others so it must be easy". These observations are not me being smug, far from it, as I said I am good at a few things but rubbish at soooooo many many things!

Yesterday I had a one to one training session on how to create a good press release. I had read all around the subject prior to the training and pretty much googled the subject to extinction. I am really really really good at this bit, basically googling and wasting time, saving to 'favourite' folders with the promise of reading more deeply when I have the time. Of course I never really have the time as I am too busy googling things, messing about on facebook or dare I whisper playing on Candy Crush. 

Anyway I digress! After a four hour one to one I was asked to do a mini press release which is a fairly reasonable request given that I am paying £50 an hour for the lovely ladies expertise. The formula is very basic, who, what, when, where, why & how, basic in that it leads you through that is. Well I was flummoxed and promised to write one and send it via email later in the day when I had digested all the info, I explained that I work better this way (who am I kidding). 

Later that day I emailed over my two efforts at press releases, to be honest they had taken me 20 minutes to do the two but I was distracted with other important things like FB. My tutor responded with some really good feedback but basically my work was random and a bit rubbish! My response to myself was 'oh I knew I was rubbish at this, I am not trying again because I will never be able to master it' my low self-esteem always kicks in quickly you see! For the rest of the evening I was pretty down and felt a total failure, defeated at my lack of skills! But when I got up this morning I felt differently and in a way that I had never really felt before, maybe some sort of alien had liquidised my brain and then put it back a bit neater while I slept??

I woke up to the realisation that my fear of doing anything outside of my comfort zone, anything that is even the tiniest bit challenging sends me into failure mode and I eternally dodge ever being in the situation ever again! If something is not instantaneously and effortlessly easy then I am somehow a failure. But this cannot be true, I struggled with the exercise and instead of going back and repeating the formula I allowed my self to escape the discomfort and sod about on facebook instead, any excuse to move back in to the comfort zone. My lovely daughter said to me a few months ago that everyone who is really good at something did not just try it and hey presto they were an expert, "no mother they tried, tried and kept trying until they got it right". Note to self indeed!

Wednesday, August 7

Meningitis Blow!

Hello lovelies,
we are fast getting ready for my daughters next Vintage & Handmade Fair at Hatton Park, CV35 7TR (in case you are passing)! lol!

Unfortunately I was taken ill on 22nd June with bacterial meningitis and remained in hospital on an isolation ward for 5 whole weeks until 25th july. I was very ill and nearly died twice but as soon as I was recovering I had my trusty laptop and indulged in a fair bit of online shopping! I am still recovering slowly at home but I am unbelievably frail - getting pretty annoyed with myself!

I am hoping to catch up with all of your blogs and cannot wait to see what everyone has been up to!

Wednesday, May 1

Blighty Boutique Vintage & Handmade Fair ~ This Sunday!

Hi all, I will be at the Blighty Boutique Vintage & Handmade Fair this sunday - 5th May! We will have our usual fabulous vintage style tea room serving tea and cake on vintage china!

I am really looking forward to meeting Vix of Vintage Vixon Blogspot! Vix will have a stall selling some of her fabulous vintage clothes! Cannot wait to meet her although I do confess to being a bit nervous and starstruck, she is just so bloody glamorous! lol!

If you do decide to come along there are a fair few other Blogging Babes selling their wares on the day too! Please do stop by and say hello to me, just ask someone to point you in my direction as I would love to meet you!

I have sorted through 5 bin bags full of vintage Laura Ashley fabric and curtains and I am 'letting go' of it all, I have hoarded it for years in the hope of having some kind of making craze but to be honest I have sooooo much that if I created every day I would still struggle to get through it all!

Saturday, March 16

Painting the Town Red???

OMFG! Just put a bright red colour on my hair thinking it would give me some subtle reddish tone, forgot about all my highlights and I swear not a word of a lie, it looks like I have had it done for red nose day! Me thinks I will be washing my hair at least 150 times tonight! signed Cocoa the Friggin' Shocked of Hatton Park!

Cannot possibly post a picture as it will blow your screen but suffice to say it is not dissimilar to Ronald McBloody Donald BUT even redder! 

Monday, March 11

A Big Hello!

Hello lovelies! Just a quick wave to say I am alive and kicking! Hoping to restart my blogging this moth. I have really missed you all!