Friday, December 23

A Make A Month 2012 ~ Sign up Here!

I am again hosting the Monthly Make group for 2012 and hope you will join me. You can see some of the 2011 fabulous makes in the bottom left sidebar.  If you fancy committing to make at least one item every month then we this group is for you!!  Hopefully making a pledge will give us all a much needed kick up the butt and might even spur us into a frenzy of mad making!

What could I make you wonder? - Abso-bloody-lutely anything!! Knit, it crochet it, paint it, felt it, sew it, carve it, embelish it, play dough it, scrapbook it, stick it..... Making the bed or the tea dose not count! lol! The only 'rule' is that you display the group badge in your sidebar and that you post to your blog your handmade item during the said calendar month.

Everyone can join the Flickr January Group *HERE* if you want to upload your photos. For those of you that do not know Flickr or feels a bit scared - it takes you step by step and so it easy!

Every month there will be a new link to the next months Flickr Group.
And watch out in the next week or so for a craft giveaway that is sure to help you with you Monthly Make commitment!

Also new for 2012, we will be having a joint administrators for each month. Their role is to do at least one blog post about the makes of their month, check out the flickr group for their month / post about their makes / maybe pick out some pictures from the flickr group. It is their call but I am so looking forward to their months!

Miss January ~ Me!
Miss February ~ Natalie of Hungry Hippie
Miss June ~ Kandi of Kandipandi
Miss July ~ Rae of Felt by Rae
Miss December ~ Me!

PS. URL just means your blog address xx

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